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Solar Grid Interactive Inverters

Grid Interactive Inverters provide a means of directly connecting DC renewable sources such as solar photovoltaic arrays and small wind turbines to the electricity grid. Grid connection ensures that all renewable energy generated can be utilised.

The Solar Grid Interactive inverter uses similar hardware and software as our remote area power systems, with solar panels to be directly connected to the DC side of the inverter. Provided the grid supply is present and within tolerance, the inverter starts when solar power becomes available. It controls the voltage presented to the panels to optimise power output and supplies AC power to the network. When the array output falls below the level required to meet inverter losses, the inverter shuts down until isolation rises sufficiently to justify restarting the inverter.

The inverter automatically synchronises with the network; no additional controls are required. The inverter will shut down if the network supply fails either to a short circuit or an open circuit, or if the voltage or frequency of the network falls out of tolerance.

Product Range - Specifications

Image of 3-6 kW SGI inverter Image of SGI 10-15 kW Inverter Image of rackmounted SGI 12-75 kW

3 - 6 kW
SGI Specifications

10 - 15 kW
SGI specifications

12.5 - 75 kW
SGI Specifications

Brochures for these products can be downloaded here.


Application Notes

Application notes for Solar Grid Interactive inverters are available in PDF format.

SGI Operation.pdf

To view this document, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader.


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