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Remote Area Power Systems

Generator Interactive Inverters provide mains quality power efficiently and automatically. The system uses batteries to store energy for periods when power demand is low, and automatically starts a diesel generator set when demand is high or when the batteries require recharging.

This mode of operation ensures that the diesel fuel is efficently converted to electricity by only running the generator at medium to heavy loads and only for a small proportion of the day. Power is drawn from the batteries and converted to a mains quality sine wave by a microprocessor controlled inverter. While the generator is operating, it supplies power to the load and the inverter charges the batteries. However if heavy loads occur, both the inverter and the generator can supply the load, giving a peak capacity equal to the sum of the inverter and the generator ratings. This allows smaller generators to be used compared to inverter charger systems.

An alphanumeric LCD display allows inverter variables to be displayed and allows suitably qualified technicians to adjust operating parameters to optimise system performance.

Product Range - Specifications

Image of 3-5 kW RAPS inverter Image of 10 - 15 kW RAPS inverter Image of 15-40 kW RAPS inverter
3 - 5 kW
RAPS Specifications
10 - 15 kW
RAPS Specifications
15 - 40 kW 3 Phase
RAPS Specifications
  User Manual (542 kb PDF) User Manual (572kb PDF)

Brochures for these products can be downloaded here.


Application Notes

Application notes for Remote Area Power Systems inverters are available in PDF format.

RAP Operation.pdf

This is a general description of RAPS inverter operation.

PSA Inverter Programming Example.pdf

This is a worked example, showing how to set up the parameters of a RAPS inverter for a solar-diesel remote power system. It was prepared by the Renewable Energy Centre at the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, as part of their Hybrid Energy Systems course.


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